very best idea make rules time!

Spam. Everyone connected to the Internet gets some form of it, be it from fake myspace friend requests to rare investment opportunities. My favorite Spam e-mails are the ones built out of random words thrown together. I feel that somehow the computers of the world are waking up, and this is how they are trying to communicate with us.

I would like to share with you some of my recent favorites:

Internicoxuh Wrote:

“Filthy farm sluts seducing Joung city boys
and asking them to ass f!?u ck raw +))

The ghosts that haunted you in New York or Pittsburgh will haunt you anywhere you go, because they’re your ghosts and the house they haunt is you. Unlike the smaller, circular camachs, this one was rectangular, and Jason reached and dived around the next corner before the angry horde could see where he had gone.
The only way to get that sum is by gambling! There was a loud guffaw from the counter.”

Some of the Spam e-mails remind me of a Parrot that only knows a few words, and then switches to jibberish, like this one from Archie Latham:

“Don’t mean to ruin your plansckgosrf

can you pick out all the words in that long sentence?

Hogie4513 would like to inform me that:

“chain saw around submarine pour freezing cold water on girl scout beyond”

My day job is calling me, so I will leave it with that. Please feel free to share some of your more ridiculous Spam in our comments section.



6 Responses to very best idea make rules time!

  1. Jon says:

    Some dentists will look at you with a degree of scorn and say, “Oh, that’s hogwash.
    Everywhere you go, someone asks you for money to help find the cure for some disease.
    Do you think it will finally be the Hilary Duff pop single to match the chart success of her albums?

  2. Plucky says:

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    Your Lori.

  3. Desktopjunk says:

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