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Hey, have an idea of what you would like us to ramble on about?  Just type it into the comment section and we will work our magic.  Yes, we do take requests.  Who else gives you that kind of service?  No one.


2 Responses to Request Line

  1. lordmagic says:

    What’s your take on the iPhone rumors? Would you buy an iPhone? And why? Use blank paper if necessary.

  2. theredouter says:

    Why I would buy an iPhone? I am a sucker. One of those douchebag fan boys that gets a little nervous twitch, every time apple releases a new product on the market. I like the idea of having my iPod and Phone merged into one super device, but there is some old wives tale about putting all your eggs in one basket and blah blah blah. The first annoying thing about the iPhone will be that it will most likely be exclusive to one provider or will be one of those skype type phones. The second will be the battery life disappointments, you are merging two devices that always run out of power quickly in your every day life. Expect to be wired to the wall whenever it is not in use, or carry around extra batteries if you are planning on going cross country. Speaking of travel, lets hope that the damn thing lets you turn off the phone features while you are flying. I am not sure how the FAA treats the current mp3/cellphone units, but I bet they don’t like them. I bet that they look at those phones and want to smash them into tiny bits. TINY BITS!

    To answer your question, no. I will not be buying an iPhone, well at least not for a year or so, or until they add the blow job attachment. I will however be purchasing a Blackberry Pearl soon, and am looking forward to all the joy that gadget brings into my life. Wake me up when they release the iPhone nano.

    -the redouter.

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