Lost 3.whatever, maybe I don’t care at this point

November 14, 2006

Lost, I have not watched yet the last episode of the year. It sits patiently on my DVR box waiting to reveal the answers and give me enough so that I remain interested yet not enough that I don’t return in 2007. Because that is really what it is going to take to keep me around. You need to show me something. This relationship needs to be a two way street–I can only go on so long before I, too, feel like I am just part of some mind game experiment. Your lack of respect for me is evident, and it is appalling.

Ironically, and luckily for you, I saw BORAT this weekend and got that fulfilment that you haven’t been able to provide for several episodes now.  Thank you Borat!


Thank you sir, may I have another

November 1, 2006

So I was musing the other day with a friend about what the threshold of tolerance would be for Americans, in terms of the way things are going right now for the country (and the world, for that matter). If all that this administration has done for us wouldn’t be enough to make Americans revolt against their goverment, what would it really take? Or would we “break” at all?

I don’t mean people with angrily-worded signs standing in front of the white house, I mean revolutionary war style. Before you turn me in to Homeland Security, hear me out. Granted, the context of our situation now is not really comparable to the way it was back then, but the sentiment would be the same. People getting angry with their ruler, trying diplomacy, failing, then feeling the need to actually act. To me it seems like every word that can be said to try to change this government has been said. Obviously, this method has failed. This administration will continue to turn a deaf ear towards reasoned dissent. So, what next? Keep bitching? Wait and see if things change with the next president?

I’m asking you, the reader, what do you think it would really take for Americans to revolt (aggressively)? Is that even the answer? What are possible solutions, do you think? As long as the media and the goverment make us feel isolated from the rest of the world, I think that most Americans will go along with whatever they’re told to believe. What do you think?

What would you do?

October 11, 2006


Which LOST character would you choose to be stranded on a desert island with and why? Post your answers in the comments section.


Lost 3.2

October 11, 2006

LockeI wasn’t sure of my opinion on Lost 3.1, and by association what to write about for this entry, until I read aintitcool’s glowing review of it and it’s naive and obnoxious anticipation for the second episode. We’ve been down this path before–they excite us with one powerful episode, then revert to their standard comatose state for about seven weeks. Not that that isn’t brilliant TV, because they have managed to keep the whole country from catching on that the writers really don’t know what is happening either. To think that an “amazing” episode is such only because we can all say, “Finally! Something is happening!” and not because we actually learn anything, is a testament to their powers of fooling the public.

The first ten minutes were amazing, and very revealing, but I have to admit that the rest of the show was as frustrating as the last two seasons, so maybe I am missing something. Jack’s in a cage, he’s asking questions, Kate and Sawyer have questions, I have questions, and they’re all being answered by one cryptic response and ten more questions. How long can this go on! I’ve been watching this show for two years, and I’m sorry, Locke’s death does not bode well for my interest in the rest of the season. You can’t kill off the most interesting character on the series and expect me to be satisfied with Jack’s whiny, pouty demeanor and the Others’ supernatural strength and survival skills. I mean, I know Henry’s the leader and all, but what, he’s some sort of Jedi? He’s all of five feet tall, guys! Take him out! And yeah, that’s where the polar bears lived, and they did circus tricks, but why were they there? I need to know a lot and I need to know soon. Sure, bring up other questions, but answer these first, because I hate to break it to you, X-Files and Twin Peaks were cool and all, but they got really, really annoying after a while.