Nintendo Wii: Hands-on

The Nintendo Wii: is it all that we here at SHSIBAE have been hyping it up to be? Yes. Do you need to get one? Yes. I could really leave this post at that, but I’ll indulge everyone by giving my impressions of it.

The setup of the Wii is extremely easy. I probably had mine up and running in about 10 minutes. Of course, this will vary for each individual due to accessbility of electrical sockets/RCA jacks and level of inebriation at the time of setup, etc. The stand the system itself sits on has a sleek look to it, and holds the Wii at a slight angle to show off its sexy CD slot which glows blue when you have new messages from Nintendo (this is assuming you get the Wii online on your home router) or when you first turn the system on. Even turning the system on can be impressive, as there is a handy on button on the Wii remote. I’ve always wanted a game console that I could turn on from a-far. This now leads me to the revolutionary remote/nunchuk controller.

Wireless, pearl white, and simple, the controller system is really what makes the Wii. It can sense what angle you’re holding it at, how fast you are moving it, and probably even how much fun you’re having while using it. If you’ve read other reviews/previews of the controller, it is true that you really need to use full ranges of motion when you use it to get the maximum amount of fun out of it. When you see Link do a full 360 sword swipe, you feel kind of lame just slightly moving the nunchuk attachment slightly back and forth. It is possible to do small motions with the controller and still get the same effects, but it’s not nearly as fun as pretending like you’re actually wielding a sword.

The games available for the Wii at the moment, I will admit, don’t present many exciting options (at least for me). However, this really doesn’t matter so much, as I have bought the last two Nintendo consoles solely for playing the newest Zelda game. The best games out for the Wii right now are Zelda: Twilight Princess, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, and Call of Duty 3. I’m a huge fan of the Zelda and Splinter Cell franchises and I must say, the Wii controller really changes things for these games. You really just have to play them for yourself to see.

The online features of the Wii, for the moment, are kind of lack-luster. Yes, it may be convenient to get your local weather forecast, but that’s why I have my computer. The “Mii” social networking component has the possiblity of getting interesting, but for the moment it’s kind of lame. I think that the crown jewel of the Wii’s online capabilities is the virtual console downloadable games. While there’s not many games available right now, the possibilites for expansion in this area are pretty big.

The trick to master before playing the Wii, of course, is to find one that you can purchase… availability is slim.


6 Responses to Nintendo Wii: Hands-on

  1. theredouter says:

    At least I now know where to get one. I will wait until you fall asleep and Hamburglar your ass.

  2. theredouter says:

    by ass I mean your Wii, not your ass, and by Wii I mean your Nintendo Wii.

  3. loosscroo says:

    Shouldn’t it be “Hamburgle”?

    I know you want to Hamburgle my ass.. it’s ok, don’t deny it.

  4. theredouter says:

    damn it! Spent most of my sunday going from store to store to see if any wii’s were found in the wild. I would have called, but most places have stopped answering their phones, so the only option I had left was to trudge through the wind from asshole video game store dude to asshole target electronics geek. 90% of them just laughed at me, 15% told me the only way was ebay utnil march, and 10% felt my pain.

    I guess there is always just biting the bullet and buying the super combo units on the 17th, the gamestop one actually may be a good deal for me, it has everything that I would eventually buy, bundled nice and tight like. Who knows.

  5. theredouter says:

    going to wait in line this weekend. Hopefully it is not a waste of time so I can go home and waste time with ol Zelda and the gang.

  6. the redouter says:

    Wii is great! Wii is good! Now all nintendo has to release is 5 more hours to add to the 24 hour day, so I can play the blasted thing.

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