Institute of Contemporary Art – Boston

Despite the fact that the computer lab uses iMacs, let us stand and praise the first attractive new architecture constructed in Boston in about 30 years. It’s grand opening is December 10th.
Here’s a favorite feature of SHSIBAE:
(Okay, just me, but I am sure the rest of us would like it if they were awake.)

Staring straight down into the water as you are trying to unplug (reboot) your iMac during yet another system crash seems like an amazing idea. Hopefully it doesn’t suffer the curse of other Boston projects (Big Dig; John Hancock Tower; Bill Walton) by having some major structural flaws. I had the privilege, or should I say masturbatory experience, of having Scofidio as a professor, and I am proud that he actually built something that… well, that he actually BUILT something, for one, and that it isn’t completely an abstract metaphor.


4 Responses to Institute of Contemporary Art – Boston

  1. theredouter says:

    Hey! Macs don’t crash! Neener neener!

  2. lordmagic says:

    yeah but you know. no?

  3. theredouter says:


  4. plucky666 says:

    I used to fuck a Mac. She left me for a Dell Exchange Server. Now I’m content with my IBM PC with brand new CD-ROM tray that i put my dick into. she can’t close! no! she can’t close the tray with my dick in it! stupid IBM.

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