The Redouters Guide to Holiday Travel Survival.

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing more draining than traveling cross-country during the holiday season.  I decided to share with you some tricks and tips to prepare for this big holiday season.  Unfortunately I have no advice to help out with getting cheap airfare, if you don’t like the price of flight, there is always the bus, or the conference call on xmas morning to all your loved ones.

1.    Always bring a scarf and hat with you.  Always expect the unexpected.  If you need a pillow in a pinch, you can always create one from the scarf stuffed into your hat.  The scarf also makes a great blindfold if the cabin of your aircraft gets to sunny.

2.    If you get stuck in the first row of coach, and you don’t want to part with your carry on luggage; you can always hide the bag between your legs and throw your jacket over our knees to conceal your precious cargo.

3.    If you are a smoker, look for the nearest FOX Sports bar and grill at your terminal.  For some reason, they have become the only in terminal smoking area in most major airports.   They only allow smoking if you are seated at the bar, if they catch you standing, they will tell you to put it out.

4.    If you plan on traveling with your laptop, and have that latest and greatest dvd to watch on the plane, I suggest that you rip that dvd to a file (like divx, or mpeg4).  You can even just copy over the video ts folders from the disc to your hard drive and manually open the file through your dvd player.

5.    If you plan on buying food to bring onto the plane, don’t bring fast food with you.  That big mac and fries may smell good at first, but once you get the green light from the flight attendant to chow down, it will be a cold and start to smell like garbage.  That smell will not go away for the duration of the flight.

6.    Bring headphones, even if you don’t own anything to plug them in to.  This can get you out of awkward conversations with people you really do not want to make small talk with.  You can also plug them into the seats of most aircraft and listen to the free music.

7.    If you have an isle seat and plan on sleeping during your flight, just tell the flight attendant that you wish to not be disturbed.  I know I hate being poked awake for my free can of coke.

I wish I had a cure for kids kicking your seat, and the other uncontrolled inconveniences for your trip, but sometimes you just have to take it.  Deep breathing and counting are still the best remedy for air rage.


2 Responses to The Redouters Guide to Holiday Travel Survival.

  1. kristen says:

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  2. theredouter says:

    I don’t know why I let the spam add into the comment section. If spam comments were made of gold, we would be able to quit both day and night jobs and drink rum out of skulls of homeless midgets.

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