MS Paint your picture: Democratic House & Senate

Perhaps this will turn into a series, perhaps not.  Nevertheless, I have made this picture in MS Paint of what I predict could/might happen with the democrats in charge of the house and senate.  Feel free to post yours!

Note:  If you want to post your own rendition, the only real guideline is that you MUST use MS paint.  I have blatantly copied and pasted one of H.R. Giger’s aliens a few times, so you can do the same.  Just no Photoshop, please.

Also, your picture doesn’t have to be in the House of Representatives, it could be a picture of anything that could/might happen with a democratic house and senate.


4 Responses to MS Paint your picture: Democratic House & Senate

  1. theredouter says:

    fuck ms paint. What do you want us mac users to do? Huh bubba? You think about that? Funny post though. No photoshop! Bah! Whats so bad about photoshop?

  2. loosscroo says:

    Mac users may go fornicate themselves. Seriously, just use whatever basic paint program comes with the Mac OS.

  3. theredouter says:

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..I am going to hate myself for saying this, but macs don’t come with basic paint programs. Everything you need out of the box…but paint programs.

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