ITVN – DAY 3 Marriage Counseling

Another hour wasted, shutting down my modem, shutting down the router, turning off the ITVN box, and then turning everything back on again.  The Tech Dude and I finally figured out that it most likely something weird with the router, and just for shits and giggles I reset the fucker to factory settings.  No change.  I was tired and beaten down, and decided that there is nothing left to do today, all the stores are closed, so tomorrow will be router buying day.

I opened up a can of Mountain Dew, ready to drown my sorrows in its sweet caffeinated syrup, when I noticed that the annoying little “Searching for internet” text was no longer on my screen.  Somehow everything was working again.  I watched Kung Fu Hustle and then made my way to the music video area to see if there was anything worthwhile.


The box crashed when I tried to call up the Combat Baby video by Metric.  I called upon the sills that the ITVN tech support taught me, and restarted and rebooted like a son of a bitch.  No change, except that I got tired and fell asleep and woke up with the “Searching for Internet” text still mocking me.

So tonight I get my baby a new router, and if that doesn’t work I am sending her back to her poppa.  I really like ITVN, and the ideas behind it, but I don’t want to troubleshoot it for six hours to get 2 hours of enjoyment from it.

It’s not you ITVN, it’s me.  I have changed, and I can see us growing apart.  I hope that we can still be friends.


2 Responses to ITVN – DAY 3 Marriage Counseling

  1. […] struggling with tech support getting my box to talk with my network, I began to watch all the movies Stars and Encore offered […]

  2. […] struggling with tech support to get my box to talk with my network, I began to watch all the movies Stars and Encore offered […]

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