South Dakota: I’m afraid of you

1 – “Current South Dakota law generally allows a pregnant woman to obtain an abortion during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. Beyond 24 weeks, abortions may be performed only if necessary to preserve the life or health of the pregnant woman.

House Bill 1215 would prohibit any person, at any time, from providing any medicine or other substance to a pregnant woman for the specific purpose of terminating her pregnancy. However, a person may provide a contraception substance to a woman
without penalty prior to the time her pregnancy could be determined by conventional medical testing.

2 – “This initiative would allow persons, including minors with parental consent, with a debilitating medical condition, to be certified to grow (not more than six plants), possess (not more than one ounce) and use small amounts of marijuana for medical purposes.”

3 – “Amendment C affirms the traditional understanding of marriage in South Dakota. The amendment is designed to make clear what marriage is and what marriage is not.

The amendment merely reflects what South Dakota citizens have always understood—that marriage is a union between one man and one woman and that the State of South Dakota should not recognize any other kind of “marriage” or “quasi-marital relationship,” whether called a “civil union,” a “domestic partnership,” or by any other newly-coined name.”

    These are just examples of constitutional amendments that are up for the vote on November 7th in SOUTH DAKOTA. Yes, all 7 of the farmhands that know what voting is in South Dakota will be able to vote on some of the most controversial issues being debated in our country. Do conservatives think that because it’s in a state no one cares about that people won’t pay attention to what’s going on? Do people in South Dakota smoke a lot of grass?

These are questions I want to know the answers to. I’m really surprised this hasn’t gotten more attention from the media.


Would you change your state of residency just to vote on issues like this?


2 Responses to South Dakota: I’m afraid of you

  1. ronrr says:

    I wouldn’t change my residence because I think most states will see legislation of this nature soon enough. I just hope people begin embrace their right to vote.

    Everywhere are people who want to legislate everything. If the apathetic denizens of America don’t get off their ass and make their voices heard too, they are going to wake up and realize they live in a world they don’t want, but by then it might be too late.

  2. theredouter says:

    I was interested in the vote swapping that they had back in the last election. Your state have a shoe in for your party? Well vote in this state and help your team out! This did happen right? Does anyone remember this? Was it all a dream? Tin man?

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