ITVN- The Honeymoon is over

So I take back everything nice that I have said about ITVN and their wonderful customer service.  After submitting the review, and watching another movie, connection was lost.  I opened up my instruction booklet and followed their troubleshooting tips to the tee (power down your modem, router, and ITVN box for one minute, power up the modem, let it do it’s thing, power up the router, and then power up the ITVN Box).  I called their customer support and got a guy reading from a script who instructed me to do the exact same thing and after failure, he could not help me and someone will call back later with more info.

I just got off the phone with the second support guy, who told me to do the same thing, and would not accept the fact that I have restarted everything 100 times with no change.

Support Dude: Yeah, you are going to have to power off the modem, and the router, and the ITVN box-

Me: I have tried this over a dozen times and it hasn’t correct the issue.

Support Dude: Yeah, you are going to have to power it off, and bring it back online-

Me:  You are not listening.  I powered everything off, let the modem boot up, and then powered on the router, and then once the router was up I turned on the box over a dozen times with no correction.

Support Dude: Yeah, you should restart the modem—

Me: Ok!  I will do it one more time, and if it doesn’t work I will call support one more time, and if that doesn’t work I am talking to the manager and fucking sending your bullshit back!

Support Dude: Yeah, it should work this time.

Me: Why?  Do I have to do this all the time.

Support Dude: 90% of the time restarting everything makes it work.

So ITVN, don’t be an asshole and make your product work.


2 Responses to ITVN- The Honeymoon is over

  1. Jon says:

    dude that’s not cool… you could have the best product in the world and bad support would make it worthless.

  2. theredouter says:

    I was in love with their support until that moment. All it takes is one douche bag to ruin the rose garden.

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