Viva Los Throwback Games!

One of the greatest selling points of a gaming system for me is the ability to play throwback games. When I was growing up (yes, go ahead and hit play on your cd of sad violin music), I always had the non popular system to play. While my friends were playing Pac Man on the 2600, I was playing KC Munchikins on my Odyssey. Doom on their PC, I was staring at the finder of my Mac. While Mario was jumping around on my friends Nintendo, I was shooting clay pots on my Sega Master System. I know, I had it rough, but I turned out okay (you can stop the cd now).

That is why the xbox arcade is important to me, and the Wii emulation of old games will make drool come out of my mouth faster than ice cream on a whore’s teet. I am currently, for the first time in my life, playing through the first Doom and love it. They tweaked the graphics up just a little bit for the xbox, but left the game very close to it’s true form.

Tomorrow I think Contra comes out, and there is a huge list of games that I have only heard spoken about in the school cafeteria with a sense of awe in my peers voices. I hope that they included the “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start” code in. If I ever form a band, I am making sure that we make a hardcore death metal song dedicated to the most holy of cheat codes, I think I would call the song “100 Lives Wasted, Face Down in the Goddamned Muck!”

If you are reading this (which I doubt you are Microsoft), please port The 7 Cities of Gold to xbox live. Until then, keep releasing the throwback games and stay away from the dumb tetris clones.




5 Responses to Viva Los Throwback Games!

  1. theredouter says:

    By the way, the image above is a .png file who’s name is Pong. Ping pong! Ha! Get it? Pong.Ping! Fine! Be that way.

  2. […] Tomorrow I think Contra comes out, and there i … Nice post out of thousands.Link to original article […]

  3. theredouter says:

    Thanks for the link! Sorry if you got my previous comment, I can’t read very well today and took it a different way. Anyway, thanks for the positive vibes!


  4. theredouter says:

    aww thanks. We like you too.

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