Kate:UW vs. Kate:VH

Please entertain the full potential of philosphical debate with this new feature. To calm any fears that this category will resort to the puberty-stricken context of magazines like Maxim or Stuff, I am going to offer two polls in one today. Make no mistake–the inspiration for this type of dialogue rests squarely on Kate’s shoulders, or hips as the case may be, as the question of what movie Ms. Beckinsale looks most gorgeous in may never be answered fully in our lifetime.

Ms. Beckinsale starring in Underworld:

Ms. Beckinsale starring in Van Helsing:
Van Helsing


And now, for part two.

Vin Diesel in XXX:

Vin Diesel in Pitch Black:
Pitch Black

And although some members of this blog abhor all four of these movies, I will still appreciate any comments they may make. I guess.


4 Responses to Kate:UW vs. Kate:VH

  1. Jon says:

    I haven’t seen UW or VH, but she looks good in both of those pictures. Having to make a choice, I’d say in UW.

    I have seen Pitch Black, but not XXX. However, Pitch Black is without a doubt one of the worst movies I’ve seen. In every movie I’ve ever seen him in, Mr. Diesel is the same character.

  2. theredouter says:

    I would say Underworld. Tight leather is always an ace card.

    Hmmmmmm. Pitch Black I guess.

  3. theredouter says:

    oh yeah, and the fangs. The fangs do it for me. Yeah they, do it.

  4. TravistyOJ says:

    I abhor all four of these movies.

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