A letter from Max Powers, actor

Hi, I’m Max Powers. I don’t know why all of you critics out there want to ridicule my genuinely humanitarian act of adopting kids from underdeveloped and impoverished countries. My most recent acquisition love of my life came from Cambodia and I love her very much. She is like a tiny off-white snowflake. Her original name was Ming Lee, but her name is now Britney Powers since I saved her. I think this will really enrich her life as she is growing up in the U.S..

Ming Lee

My other children will get along great with her once they all learn to speak English, and I just don’t see what the problem is. How could you doubt my sincerity here? Are you a racist, because I’m definitely not. You can plainly see that because of my new multi-colored children.

I’d like to see what kind of comments you bastards can come up with. You’re probably just ignorant of what it’s like to be caring for all humans. You know, like I am.

Me and Ming Lee


One Response to A letter from Max Powers, actor

  1. the redouter says:

    Mr. Powers, you must give me the name of your agency.

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