Spooky Video Game and Movie countdown.

Number 11.

It’s almost Halloween again, the time of year when people go out of their way to expose themselves to the various creations from the horror genre. I will be doing a daily post of some of my favorites to help you all get psyched for one of my favorite holidays.

First up is the Atari 2600 classic, Haunted House. Not very scary, but was the first horror themed video game that I can remember playing. In the early 80’s one really didn’t ask much from the video game industry, as long as it had strange pixilated caricatures and lots of bleep and blip sounds it was bound to entertain for hours on end.

If I can remember correctly, you were a set of eyes navigating a simple four-room maze dodging bats, spiders, and ghosts. You could light your way through the maze with a candlestick that created a werid orange (light grey for those of us who had the Atari hooked up on the black and white second household tv) glow around your white beady eyes.

The goal of the game was to collect pieces of an urn and make your way out of the mansion alive, which translates to leaving the mansion only to enter the mansion yet again and again; until it was dinnertime or your eyes started to bleed.

I tried playing an emulated version of it recently to gear up for this article, but my attention span failed within a minute of stepping foot into the mansion. I guess we are spoiled in this modern age of dolby surround sound and mega polygon counts, and I wish I could contact that part of my inner child to be entertained by the dumbest of concepts.

What are some memories that you have of the 2600 classic?


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    Spooky Game and Movie countdown. « SHSIBAE

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