What would you do?


Which LOST character would you choose to be stranded on a desert island with and why? Post your answers in the comments section.



6 Responses to What would you do?

  1. Ronalamadingdong says:


    He contains the most calories.

  2. The Ghost of Brendan O'Toole says:

    If you’re saying non-sexual, Sayid, because he’s a major Bad Ass and has survival skills. Plus he seems pretty interesting. Either him or Locke, cause Locke is a Bad Ass too, but Locke needs to be more upfront with me and not so emotional. Not that Sayid isn’t emotional, but still…

  3. theredouter says:

    I would have to chew chew chew choose Sayid. He could take care of the killing, hunting, building of shelter, tinkering with the parts from the aircraft to build a transmitter, and I can take care of the bitching and moaning, and comic relief. It would be like Schwarzenegger and Costello meet the desert island hatch.

  4. Ronalamadingdong says:

    Yeah, Locke is far too meladramatic to have as my sole companion on a deserted island. If I’m going to have to deal with heavy drama, I’d like it to at least come from someone with something I can stare at in the meantime. Like, Kate…

    Sayid would be cool, I suppose, but he doesn’t seem all that much fun. Agaiun, if I’m stuck with someone who doesn’t seem like much fun, I’d like that unfun someone to have something worth staring at while they’re being unfun. Like, Kate…

  5. Plucky says:

    I would have the fat one be my slave on the island. I could feast many years off of his soul.


  6. Tonitron2k says:

    First thought is of Kate for the obvious reasons, but she is rather prudish and would become more troublesome than anything else. Maybe the Scottish guy. Man, I can’t get enough of that stereotype.

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