Lost 3.2

LockeI wasn’t sure of my opinion on Lost 3.1, and by association what to write about for this entry, until I read aintitcool’s glowing review of it and it’s naive and obnoxious anticipation for the second episode. We’ve been down this path before–they excite us with one powerful episode, then revert to their standard comatose state for about seven weeks. Not that that isn’t brilliant TV, because they have managed to keep the whole country from catching on that the writers really don’t know what is happening either. To think that an “amazing” episode is such only because we can all say, “Finally! Something is happening!” and not because we actually learn anything, is a testament to their powers of fooling the public.

The first ten minutes were amazing, and very revealing, but I have to admit that the rest of the show was as frustrating as the last two seasons, so maybe I am missing something. Jack’s in a cage, he’s asking questions, Kate and Sawyer have questions, I have questions, and they’re all being answered by one cryptic response and ten more questions. How long can this go on! I’ve been watching this show for two years, and I’m sorry, Locke’s death does not bode well for my interest in the rest of the season. You can’t kill off the most interesting character on the series and expect me to be satisfied with Jack’s whiny, pouty demeanor and the Others’ supernatural strength and survival skills. I mean, I know Henry’s the leader and all, but what, he’s some sort of Jedi? He’s all of five feet tall, guys! Take him out! And yeah, that’s where the polar bears lived, and they did circus tricks, but why were they there? I need to know a lot and I need to know soon. Sure, bring up other questions, but answer these first, because I hate to break it to you, X-Files and Twin Peaks were cool and all, but they got really, really annoying after a while.



One Response to Lost 3.2

  1. Plucky says:

    I think I will take the human female you call, “Kate” and make her my slave once our dark master wipes the sun from the sky.


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