The Birth of it all. Typos and Spelling Errors included. *JOY*


[10:09] Lecho Guave: what up dog
[10:09] ERiC: those goddamned terrorists is whats up
[10:10] ERiC: lol
[10:10] Lecho Guave: those people
[10:10] Lecho Guave: why cant we just find them all
[10:10] ERiC: they are the road runner and we are the cyotee
[10:17] ERiC: do you have the cable?
[10:17] ERiC: do you like the lost?
[10:17] Lecho Guave: i do like the lost
[10:17] ERiC: season premire tonight dog
[10:18] Lecho Guave: i heard that, dog!
[10:18] Lecho Guave: i am excited, yet at the same time apprehensive
[10:18] ERiC: i hear that it is the best episode since the pilot
[10:18] Lecho Guave: i swear to god.
[10:18] Lecho Guave: really?
[10:18] ERiC: yes
[10:18] Lecho Guave: i swear to god, if they just continue their “mysteries” and “unknowns” i am done
[10:18] Lecho Guave: i need answers
[10:18] Lecho Guave: real answers
[10:18] ERiC: did you watch last season?
[10:19] ERiC: are you up to date?
[10:19] Lecho Guave: yes
[10:19] ERiC: can you answer something for me
[10:19] ERiC: i need some holes filled
[10:19] ERiC: in the plot
[10:19] ERiC: 1. Did they ever figure out why the plane crashed?
[10:20] Lecho Guave: yes the answer is two fold
[10:20] Lecho Guave: did you see the last episode?
[10:20] ERiC: no i missed it
[10:20] Lecho Guave: oh jeez, okay lets see here
[10:20] ERiC: should I download it from itunes
[10:20] Lecho Guave: yeah if you can
[10:20] Lecho Guave: you really should
[10:20] ERiC: i got bored half way through the second season
[10:20] ERiC: was it worthwhile
[10:20] Lecho Guave: do you want me to explain? no dude so did i
[10:20] ERiC: or should I just skip ahead
[10:20] Lecho Guave: just watch the last episode, lol
[10:21] ERiC: will do
[10:21] Lecho Guave: really.
[10:21] Lecho Guave: the leading up to it is filler
[10:21] Lecho Guave: and super frustrating.
[10:21] ERiC: they should just make four two hour movies
[10:21] Lecho Guave: i’m like ” JUST TELL ME WHAT THE HATCH IS!”
[10:21] ERiC: spread throughouyt the year
[10:21] Lecho Guave: yeah
[10:21] Lecho Guave: that would be much better
[10:22] Lecho Guave: okay so i am not sure how much is explained in the finale versus the previous episodes, just read the episode guides.
[10:23] Lecho Guave: so the computer?
[10:23] Lecho Guave: do you want me to tell you still>?
[10:26] ERiC: yeah
[10:26] ERiC: i want to hear how you took it all in
[10:26] ERiC: from what i understand the dude fucked up and made the airplane crash
[10:26] ERiC: is that correct?
[10:27] ERiC: that the meeting of Jack and the Dude in the stadium was just random chance.
[10:27] Lecho Guave: that seemed random yes
[10:28] Lecho Guave: though why the plane crashed and why they are there, one can point to some metaphysical explanation, but that hasnt been explained.
[10:28] ERiC: this show better not end like twin peaks
[10:28] Lecho Guave: the computer, when you let it go to zero, generates magnet shit
[10:28] Lecho Guave: and it fucked up the airliner that happened to be overhead
[10:29] Lecho Guave: so he fucked up yes
[10:29] ERiC: but…the kid
[10:29] ERiC: the child
[10:29] ERiC: the aussie chicks kid
[10:29] Lecho Guave: the black kid?
[10:29] Lecho Guave: oh.
[10:29] Lecho Guave: what about him?
[10:29] ERiC: it all was like it was going by some sort of cosmic plan
[10:29] ERiC: that these were the protectors and teachers of that child
[10:30] Lecho Guave: dude, i dont know what that kid is about, that seemed to be the idea in the beginning, then they never got into it.
[10:30] Lecho Guave: they thought they injected him with something
[10:30] Lecho Guave: do you even know who the others are? did you get that far?
[10:31] Lecho Guave: it was to me a letdown. i was ready to believe that they were part of some secret tribe, but what i think it is is that whole island is a long abandoned secret miliatary thing, these other dudes crashed there somehow and took it over
[10:31] Lecho Guave: but that hasnt been explained, how the Others got there.
[10:31] Lecho Guave: they def. didnt build those bunkers though
[10:31] Lecho Guave: that was already there
[10:32] Lecho Guave: i liked locke.
[10:32] Lecho Guave: the african dude was SUPER annoying
[10:33] Lecho Guave: i was starting to think the puerto rican chick was hot
[10:33] Lecho Guave: hurley winning the lottery based on the same numbers you have to enter into the computer.
[10:33] Lecho Guave: that hasnt been explained.
[10:33] Lecho Guave: and i bet they really dont know themselves.
[10:33] Lecho Guave: i think you’re right
[10:33] Lecho Guave: i think we may be disappointed.
[10:55] ERiC: yeah
[10:55] ERiC: they are lost themselves
[11:32] Lecho Guave: let me guess, you like jessica alba
[11:37] ERiC: she is alright
[11:39] Lecho Guave: would you throw her out of bed?
[11:39] ERiC: no way
[11:39] ERiC: a hot chick is a hot chick
[11:39] ERiC: i just hate her acting
[11:39] Lecho Guave: would you throw julia stiles out of bed?
[11:40] Lecho Guave: oh this isnt about her acting
[11:40] Lecho Guave: she’s a terrible actress
[11:40] ERiC: nope
[11:40] ERiC: pretty much am not picky
[11:40] Lecho Guave: roseanne?
[11:40] ERiC: my dry spell has gone on way too long for me to throw anyone not fat out of bed
[11:41] Lecho Guave: is roseanne fat these days?
[11:41] ERiC: i don’t know, probably fat enough
[11:42] ERiC: to kick out
[11:42] ERiC: any b list celeb female is good in my book
[11:43] ERiC: she would at least buy me enough drugs or booze to get me in the mood
[11:44] Lecho Guave: would you hit the 2006 roseanne?
[11:45] Lecho Guave: i am not even sure that is the most recent image.
[11:45] Lecho Guave: but she has lost weight.
[11:45] Lecho Guave: she’s still a disgusting person lol
[11:47] ERiC: yeah
[11:47] ERiC: it would take a lot
[11:48] ERiC: i would have to be on a two week bender
[12:01] ERiC: it’s almost the next installation time for harry potter movies
[12:01] ERiC: she just gets hotter and hotter
[12:01] ERiC: two more years and she is 18
[12:02] Lecho Guave: can i get a most recent photo
[12:02] ERiC: umm
[12:03] Lecho Guave: did they hook up in the last movie?
[12:03] Lecho Guave: OMG and that accent, isnt she adorable?
[12:03] ERiC:
[12:03] Lecho Guave: so cute, so hot
[12:04] Lecho Guave: lol
[12:04] ERiC: so 16
[12:04] ERiC: you are going to jail
[12:04] Lecho Guave: well she might as well be 41 or 11, she’s famous and i;m married
[12:04] Lecho Guave: lol
[12:04] ERiC: hahahaha
[12:04] Lecho Guave: is thought expressed over IM illegal yet, or is it still legal?
[12:04] Lecho Guave: can i get an amen
[12:05] ERiC:
[12:06] Lecho Guave: lol
[12:06] Lecho Guave: you have a point, my brother
[12:06] ERiC: thought crimes are real
[12:06] ERiC: the second coming of jesus will end with him being convicted of thought crimes
[12:20] ERiC: foley: lol. Do you cyber?
[12:20] ERiC: Teenaged victim: lol, yes.
[12:20] Lecho Guave: oh is that real?
[12:20] Lecho Guave: link me dude
[12:20] ERiC: thats not real
[12:20] ERiC: i iwll link you
[12:21] ERiC:
[12:22] ERiC: isn’t that amazing?
[12:22] Lecho Guave: he’s so pathetic
[12:22] ERiC: that that shit was found
[12:23] ERiC: could you imagine if our shit got put in the public eye?
[12:23] Lecho Guave: this is why i am never running for office
[12:23] Lecho Guave: yeah but it wont matter
[12:23] ERiC: lol
[12:24] Lecho Guave: Maf54 (8:58:15 PM): we may need to drink at my house so we dont get busted
[12:24] Lecho Guave: LOL!!!!!!!
[12:24] ERiC: world to Maf54: LOL
[12:32] Lecho Guave: Maf54: do you really do it face down
Boy: ya
Maf54: kneeling
Boy: well I don’t use my hand…I use the bed itself
Maf54: where do you unload it
Boy: towel
Maf54: really
Maf54: completely naked?
Boy: well ya
Maf54: very nice
Boy: lol
Maf54: cute butt bouncing in the air
Boy: haha
Boy: well I’ve never watched myself
Boy: but ya I guess
[12:32] ERiC: did you write that, or is that real>?
[12:32] ERiC: if so fire me off a link
[12:33] Lecho Guave: that’s real hold on
[12:34] Lecho Guave:
[12:34] ERiC: is that safe for work to open?
[12:34] Lecho Guave:
[12:34] Lecho Guave: yeah its just text
[12:34] Lecho Guave: the url is weird i know, lol
[12:35] ERiC: anything legit?
[12:35] ERiC: like a news source?
[12:36] Lecho Guave: no, the thing is some news arent posting the real things cause they are explicit
[12:36] ERiC: hmmm
[12:37] ERiC: that never stopped them in the past
[12:37] Lecho Guave: Maf54 (8:10:40 PM): take it out
Xxxxxxxxx (8:10:54 PM): brb…my mom is yelling
Maf54 (8:11:06 PM): ok
[12:37] Lecho Guave: LOL
[12:37] ERiC: lol
[12:38] ERiC: Xxxxxxxxx (7:57:37 PM): with a towel you can just wipe off….and go
Maf54 (7:57:38 PM): lol
Maf54 (7:57:45 PM): where do you throw the towel
[12:38] Lecho Guave: lol!
[12:39] ERiC: crazy
[12:40] ERiC: i just don’t know
[12:40] ERiC: is it real
[12:40] ERiC: the typos are great
[12:40] ERiC: it is true to life
[12:41] Lecho Guave: yes
[12:41] Lecho Guave: you think they are fake meaning they were planted?
[12:41] Lecho Guave: or that the ones circulating are fake?
[12:41] ERiC: the ones circulating are fake
[12:41] Lecho Guave: they arent that crazy really
[12:42] ERiC: or maybe not
[12:42] ERiC:
[12:42] ERiC: same text
[12:47] ERiC:
[12:48] ERiC: here are more
[12:48] ERiC:
[12:48] ERiC: and we have it on abc news
[12:49] ERiC: I will take that
[12:49] Lecho Guave: wow a pdf.
[12:49] Lecho Guave: it HAS to be true
[12:49] ERiC: lol
[12:50] ERiC: i just wonder why foley faught so hard to make it harder for him to do what he likes to do
[12:50] ERiC: do lawmakers get off on that shit?
[12:50] ERiC: to break their own laws?
[12:50] ERiC: thats f’d up
[12:51] Lecho Guave: there are various reasons for htat
[12:51] Lecho Guave: that
[12:52] ERiC: explain
[12:52] ERiC: lol
[12:53] Lecho Guave: lol
[12:53] Lecho Guave: they can simply get away with it, A. or B. they have self loathing
[12:53] Lecho Guave: or C.
[12:53] Lecho Guave: i dont know dude its 4pm
[12:54] Lecho Guave: so you’re not watching lost tonight?
[13:03] ERiC: no, i will try and download it when I get ho,e
[13:03] ERiC: home
[13:04] Lecho Guave: how soon is it posted?
[13:04] ERiC: from itunes its the next day
[13:04] ERiC: on the torrents I can prob get it from the east coast servers at 7 or 8
[13:05] Lecho Guave: the show is at 9
[13:05] Lecho Guave: though
[13:05] ERiC: my time
[13:05] ERiC: 9 pm your time is six my time
[13:05] Lecho Guave: ahahahahahaha
[13:05] Lecho Guave: ohohohohohohoh
[13:06] ERiC: a lot of times the torrent files are very shitty
[13:06] ERiC: i will most likely wait and do it off of itune
[13:06] ERiC: s
[13:06] Lecho Guave: hold the phone
[13:06] Lecho Guave:
[13:07] ERiC: awesome
[13:12] ERiC: ugh
[13:12] ERiC: how do they know when I want to go to lunch?
[13:12] ERiC: lilke a light goes on for them to rush to my door before I can get out.
[13:12] Lecho Guave: lmaowtf
[13:17] Lecho Guave: do you watch weeds?
[13:17] ERiC: i watched the first two episodes
[13:17] ERiC: good show
[13:17] ERiC: it is for download at the itunes store
[13:17] ERiC: lol’
[13:24] Lecho Guave: that chick is cute
[13:24] Lecho Guave: what’s her name?
[13:25] Lecho Guave: mary stuart masterson?
[13:27] ERiC: yeah
[13:28] ERiC: she is a super milf
[13:28] ERiC: hahahah
[13:28] ERiC: i wonder if that word is in the dictonary yet?
[13:29] Lecho Guave: milf?
[13:29] ERiC: oh like you dont know
[13:29] ERiC: google search it
[13:30] Lecho Guave: no thats not her name
[13:30] Lecho Guave: mary louise parker
[13:30] ERiC: oh yeah
[13:30] ERiC: yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
[13:40] Lecho Guave: ollies?
[13:40] ERiC: i crave for scallion pancakes
[13:40] ERiC: no place in seattle has them
[13:40] Lecho Guave: no way
[13:40] Lecho Guave: really?
[13:40] Lecho Guave: i will find them
[13:40] ERiC: one place did
[13:40] ERiC: but they only did for a little while
[13:40] ERiC: and then went under new management
[13:41] ERiC: i don’t know what I would do if you found them for me in seattle
[13:41] Lecho Guave: oh buzz off
[13:41] ERiC: i would – uhhhh – jump up and down
[13:41] Lecho Guave: ill promises
[13:41] Lecho Guave: lol
[13:41] Lecho Guave: you would get me jet li’s tombstone?
[13:42] ERiC:
[13:42] ERiC: is jet li dead?
[13:42] Lecho Guave: no
[13:42] Lecho Guave: is he?
[13:42] ERiC: so I would have to kill him
[13:42] ERiC: i don’t know
[13:42] ERiC: i know the movie just came out was his last
[13:43] Lecho Guave: look a recipe!
[13:43] ERiC:\
[13:43] ERiC: i am going to this place tomorrow
[13:44] ERiC: Scallion Pancakes: If you’ve never tried a scallion pancake, here’s the perfect place to be introduced to this unusual snack and appetizer. A simple unleavened wheat flour dough is layered with scallions, rolled out like puff pastry, and pan-fried until crisp on the outside and chewy within.
[13:44] ERiC: i can’t wait
[13:44] ERiC: i think if they are as good as ollies I will cry
[13:46] Lecho Guave: hmmm
[13:46] Lecho Guave: okay so think of a web blog we can do together.
[13:46] Lecho Guave: i want a passive endeavor to work on during slow times
[13:46] Lecho Guave: nothing stupid
[13:46] Lecho Guave: but not too serious.
[13:46] Lecho Guave: i guess it cant be local to either of our cities
[13:46] Lecho Guave: or it can
[13:48] Lecho Guave: fuck i am starving looking at these sites about food
[13:48] Lecho Guave: but yeah get back to me
[13:49] ERiC: uhhh
[13:49] ERiC: wait
[13:49] ERiC: umm
[13:50] ERiC: hmmm
[13:50] ERiC: a blog
[13:50] Lecho Guave: i was thinking of something
[13:50] Lecho Guave: games, but very specific to what we like
[13:50] Lecho Guave: it doesnt have to be a resource
[13:50] Lecho Guave: we can be like ;those two guys that like mmorpg and sim games
[13:50] Lecho Guave: what do you say, joe?
[13:51] ERiC: sure
[13:51] ERiC: maybe movies, game, and music blog
[13:51] Lecho Guave: yeah
[13:51] ERiC: each week we pick something to review
[13:51] ERiC: and the other one offers a joining review
[13:52] Lecho Guave: it doesnt have to be specific but it will be specific to what WE like
[13:52] Lecho Guave: yeah! lets do it
[13:52] ERiC: like lost
[13:52] Lecho Guave: yes
[13:52] Lecho Guave: like a random rambling of tv culture, movies and games
[13:52] ERiC: what shall this be called
[13:52] Lecho Guave: name it and i will godaddy the domain right now
[13:52] Lecho Guave: i am as serious as herpes
[13:52] Lecho Guave: lol
[13:53] Lecho Guave: why do i forget to ask you about this
[13:53] ERiC:
[13:53] Lecho Guave: i was thinking of this for weeks now
[13:53] Lecho Guave: really?
[13:53] ERiC: lol
[13:53] Lecho Guave: mediawhores?
[13:53] Lecho Guave: give me three choices then we will vote. quickly before you go to lunch!
[13:53] ERiC: uhhh
[13:53] ERiC: ummm
[13:53] Lecho Guave: are you up for this? you dont have a ton of other projects to do right?
[13:54] ERiC: optipop
[13:54] Lecho Guave: i mean this is perfect, our speed, our pace
[13:54] ERiC: yeah
[13:54] Lecho Guave: optipop i like it
[13:54] ERiC: i am always up for another project
[13:54] Lecho Guave: me too, i am not insane enough, lol
[13:54] Lecho Guave: do you know what blogging software we can use or should we just use
[13:54] ERiC: ummm
[13:54] Lecho Guave: keep it simple?
[13:54] Lecho Guave: there’s no ads there
[13:54] ERiC: what was the blogging software back in the day
[13:55] ERiC: the thing you used for your old blog
[13:55] Lecho Guave: phpbb? that’s for forums…
[13:55] Lecho Guave: i will get the domain and forward it to the blogger site
[13:55] ERiC: I will leave the technology up to you
[13:56] ERiC: oh ok
[13:56] Lecho Guave: or whatever we decide.
[13:56] ERiC: optipop?
[13:56] Lecho Guave: i figure that is easier than setting up a blog on my site and playing admin
[13:56] Lecho Guave: lol
[13:56] ERiC: sure
[13:56] Lecho Guave: optipop?
[13:56] ERiC: yeah
[13:56] ERiC: is it taken?
[13:56] Lecho Guave: drumroll
[13:56] Lecho Guave: FAIL
[13:57] ERiC: i think every domain name is taken
[13:57] Lecho Guave: but godaddy gives you tons of alternate ideas
[13:57] Lecho Guave: optibang lol
[13:57] Lecho Guave: opticrack
[13:57] Lecho Guave: that actually is kind of cool
[13:57] ERiC: i think it should have the word pop in it
[13:57] Lecho Guave: optipopS is available
[13:57] ERiC: since it is pop culture
[13:57] Lecho Guave: optipopart
[13:57] Lecho Guave: optipopular
[13:57] Lecho Guave: thats clever
[13:57] ERiC: poptiop?
[13:57] Lecho Guave: optiPOPular
[13:58] Lecho Guave: wait what?
[13:58] ERiC: woah
[13:58] Lecho Guave: poptipop?
[13:58] ERiC: poptiops?
[13:58] Lecho Guave: are you mispelling or do you mean tiops?
[13:58] Lecho Guave: lol
[13:58] ERiC: tiops
[13:58] ERiC: popops
[13:59] ERiC: oh
[13:59] ERiC: wait
[13:59] ERiC: opti-pop
[13:59] Lecho Guave: what is your philosophy on dashes?
[13:59] Lecho Guave: do you mind them>
[13:59] ERiC: nope
[13:59] ERiC: i like em
[13:59] ERiC: one of my favorite websites is
[13:59] Lecho Guave: it CAN be or .tv
[13:59] ERiC: has to be a .com
[13:59] Lecho Guave: poptiops is available btw
[13:59] Lecho Guave: okay
[13:59] Lecho Guave: i like your style, lol
[14:00] ERiC: what about opti-pop
[14:00] ERiC: is that open?
[14:00] Lecho Guave: fuck!
[14:00] Lecho Guave: FAIL
[14:00] Lecho Guave: how?
[14:00] ERiC: hmmm
[14:01] ERiC: funderplop
[14:01] Lecho Guave: wtf IS anyway
[14:01] ERiC:
[14:01] ERiC: a place holder
[14:02] ERiC: hmmm
[14:02] ERiC: lets each take a word
[14:02] ERiC: and merge it with another
[14:02] ERiC: you pick a word
[14:02] ERiC: I will pick a word
[14:02] ERiC: and we will make it work
[14:02] Lecho Guave: play
[14:02] Lecho Guave: oh
[14:03] ERiC: which one? play or oh
[14:03] Lecho Guave: lol
[14:03] Lecho Guave: play
[14:03] ERiC: i am assuming play
[14:03] ERiC: thing
[14:03] ERiC: oh wait
[14:03] Lecho Guave:
[14:03] ERiC: stop the presses
[14:03] Lecho Guave: yeah thats not taken
[14:03] ERiC: playblog
[14:03] Lecho Guave: lol
[14:03] Lecho Guave: hmm
[14:03] Lecho Guave: FAIL!
[14:03] Lecho Guave: i am sure popblog is taken
[14:03] Lecho Guave: yes it is
[14:04] ERiC: i really hate the fact that squatters can hold all these sites
[14:04] ERiC: hmmm
[14:04] Lecho Guave: we need legislation
[14:04] ERiC: play
[14:04] ERiC: play
[14:04] Lecho Guave: plog
[14:04] ERiC: play-blog
[14:04] Lecho Guave: fail
[14:05] Lecho Guave: i didnt like that as much anyway
[14:05] ERiC: superoptiopoporama
[14:05] ERiC: oh
[14:05] Lecho Guave: popperblog
[14:05] Lecho Guave: ?
[14:05] ERiC: super-happy-fun-site
[14:05] Lecho Guave: LOL
[14:05] Lecho Guave: chinese style
[14:05] ERiC: yeah
[14:05] Lecho Guave: popperblog is available
[14:05] Lecho Guave: oh wait
[14:05] Lecho Guave: that IS a good idea
[14:05] Lecho Guave: you’re a geniue!
[14:05] Lecho Guave: lol
[14:05] Lecho Guave: *genius
[14:06] Lecho Guave: were you joking or were you serious?
[14:06] ERiC: i was serious
[14:06] Lecho Guave: is available, negro!
[14:06] ERiC: sign it up
[14:06] Lecho Guave: are we done? meeting is adjourned!
[14:06] ERiC: i think so
[14:06] ERiC: i will work on a logo
[14:06] Lecho Guave: cool!
[14:07] Lecho Guave: you’re going places
[14:07] ERiC: lol
[14:07] Lecho Guave: just lay off the crack
[14:07] Lecho Guave: hold up
[14:07] ERiC: i havent done crack in months
[14:07] Lecho Guave: without the dashes is available too
[14:07] Lecho Guave: want both?
[14:07] ERiC: dashes make it better
[14:07] Lecho Guave: yeah
[14:07] Lecho Guave: i agree
[14:07] Lecho Guave: not care about no dashes?
[14:08] ERiC: if you want to spend the money
[14:08] ERiC: do it
[14:08] Lecho Guave: hmm. $8 on godaddy
[14:08] Lecho Guave: let me think about it. but as of now you dont care?
[14:08] ERiC: that is correct
[14:08] Lecho Guave: meeting is adjourned!
[14:08] ERiC: if someone wants it without, they can have it
[14:08] Lecho Guave: oh man this is fun!
[14:08] ERiC: sweet
[14:08] ERiC: yeah
[14:08] Lecho Guave: this could be the next big thing
[14:08] ERiC: something has to be
[14:08] ERiC: check ou http://www.penny-arcade for research
[14:08] Lecho Guave: completely random and not adhering to rules, not worried about informing as opposed to just speaking the mind of two fans
[14:09] ERiC: yeah
[14:09] Lecho Guave: we will figure out the logistics later.
[14:09] ERiC: sounds good
[14:09] Lecho Guave: blogger is somewhat customizable
[14:09] Lecho Guave: and free
[14:09] ERiC: cool
[14:09] Lecho Guave: hmm.
[14:09] Lecho Guave: unless you find something else.
[14:09] ERiC: fire me off al ink via e-mail
[14:09] Lecho Guave: like wordpad or something but i think you pay for that
[14:10] Lecho Guave: let me do this at home, i have my godaddy stuff at home etc.
[14:10] Lecho Guave: i will do it IMMEDIATELY
[14:10] ERiC: ok
[14:10] ERiC: keep me updated
[14:10] ERiC: i am going to lunch
[14:10] Lecho Guave: okay
[14:10] Lecho Guave: wow i am pumped
[14:10] ERiC: lol
[14:10] Lecho Guave: we’ll show those fuckers!
[14:11] Lecho Guave: YEAH!
[14:11] Lecho Guave: FUCKING ROCK ON!
[14:11] ERiC: wow
[14:11] Lecho Guave: lol
[14:11] ERiC: if 10% of all my projects right now take off I will be king of media by 36
[14:11] Lecho Guave: lol
[14:12] Lecho Guave: will you go with the chinese restaurant theme or does that not matter?
[14:12] Lecho Guave: you are Design Coordinator
[14:12] Lecho Guave: I am … ?
[14:12] Lecho Guave: what?
[14:13] Lecho Guave: i have a goal. this will be in some sort of press, online or print or that fucking tech tv thing, by the spring
[14:13] Lecho Guave: okay i know you left for lunch
[14:15] ERiC: ?
[14:16] ERiC: sure
[14:16] ERiC: i will see how poppy i can make it
[14:16] ERiC: feel free to make something as well
[14:17] Lecho Guave:
[14:17] Lecho Guave: dont worry about the review but the categories on the left
[14:17] Lecho Guave: see what you make of that
[14:17] Lecho Guave: it seems like a “guide” to making a real blog
[14:17] Lecho Guave: whatever
[14:17] Lecho Guave: i am gone
[14:17] Lecho Guave: 5:15
[14:17] Lecho Guave: l8r
[14:17] Lecho Guave: lol
[14:17] ERiC: lol
[14:18] Meebo Message: is offline
[15:32] Meebo Message: is online

15:35] andyredrum: eric
[15:35] andyredrum: eric i have a couple of questions
[15:36] thwap99: ok
[15:36] thwap99: shoot
[15:36] thwap99: shoot before I shoot

[15:37] andyredrum: usernames/handles on this blog.
[15:37] thwap99: yes
[15:37] andyredrum: you want to use what you are known by or create something new?
[15:37] andyredrum: ie, should i sign up as andyredrum or something new entirely? i might want to not be andyredrum
[15:37] thwap99: i will be known as the redouter
[15:38] andyredrum: oh wow
[15:38] andyredrum: old school
[15:38] thwap99: yeah
[15:38] thwap99: lol
[15:38] andyredrum: what was i?
[15:38] thwap99: andy
[15:38] andyredrum: lordmagic?
[15:38] thwap99: oh yeah
[15:38] andyredrum: was i just andy?
[15:38] thwap99: lordmagic666
[15:38] andyredrum: lol
[15:38] andyredrum: does that work in a cheesy way?
[15:38] thwap99: sure
[15:38] andyredrum: i can take out the 666
[15:38] thwap99: the logo hurt my mind
[15:38] andyredrum: command me!
[15:38] thwap99: i like the 666
[15:38] andyredrum: name me.
[15:39] thwap99: hmmm
[15:39] andyredrum: yeah?
[15:39] thwap99: you shall be called
[15:39] thwap99: …
[15:40] andyredrum: I, Andrew Torres, hereby declare that as registrant of, atest before God and Country that ownership of this name and subsequent website content belongs to both myself and Eric Holden equally.
[15:40] andyredrum: We shall work in the near future to figure out how to put your name in the registrant area as well, not sure how to do that crap.
[15:42] thwap99: ok
[15:43] thwap99: just tell me what I need to do to make typy happen
[15:43] thwap99: i have hours of crap
[15:43] thwap99: pages upon pages of crap
[15:43] thwap99: just give me topic and a place to put it
[15:43] thwap99: your name will be: Sparky 6000
[15:45] andyredrum: really?
[15:45] andyredrum: sparky?
[15:45] andyredrum: shfs
[15:46] andyredrum: do you have a blogger page now?
[15:48] thwap99: just myspace
[15:48] thwap99: you mean you haven’t been reading my myspace blogs?
[15:48] andyredrum: i dont think i want to waste time on some complex package then customizing it.
[15:48] thwap99: arrrrrrrrrg
[15:48] andyredrum: i have, lol
[15:49] andyredrum: do you subsrribce to mine?>
[15:49] thwap99: your myspace?
[15:49] thwap99: blogs?
[15:49] andyredrum: yes i dont use it
[15:49] andyredrum: alot
[15:49] andyredrum: i will start though
[15:49] andyredrum: i use livejournal more
[15:49] thwap99: oh
[15:49] thwap99: fire me off a link
[15:49] thwap99: i will bookmark it
[15:50] andyredrum: but blogger is cool cause it makes it really easy to post photos up there too
[15:50] andyredrum:
[15:50] thwap99: awesome
[15:50] andyredrum: and if you are a member you can sign up for free and be a “friend” to read friend only posts.
[15:50] thwap99: woah
[15:50] andyredrum: but if you dont know other people on livejournal it might not be worth it
[15:50] thwap99: yeah
[15:50] thwap99: i will check it out
[15:51] thwap99: the logo may have to wait
[15:51] thwap99: my brain is pretty fried chicken right now
[15:52] andyredrum: i am going out of town this weekend, so i am not able to get as much done on this as i want.
[15:54] andyredrum: though i may take my laptop and do stuff
[15:54] andyredrum: is it safe to say we will allow comments?
[15:55] thwap99: yes
[15:55] thwap99: we should
[15:56] andyredrum:
[15:56] andyredrum: that’s the right url right?
[15:56] andyredrum: lol
[15:56] thwap99: yeah
[15:57] andyredrum: do me a favor
[15:57] thwap99: did you secure it yet
[15:57] thwap99: I am having second thoughts
[15:57] andyredrum: oh yeah
[15:57] andyredrum: you are!
[15:57] andyredrum: fuck!
[15:57] thwap99: about the name
[15:57] thwap99: unless you have already done it
[15:57] andyredrum:
[15:57] thwap99: we will live with what we have to work with
[15:57] thwap99: as I was working on the logo
[15:57] andyredrum: well tell me what you were thinking
[15:57] thwap99:
[15:58] andyredrum: wtf?
[15:58] thwap99: super happy fun site, informative sometimes, but always
[15:58] andyredrum: hmmm.
[15:58] andyredrum: you like that better than the original
[15:58] andyredrum: ?
[15:58] thwap99: or something along those lines
[15:59] thwap99: i don’t know
[15:59] thwap99: type it real large in a word doc
[15:59] thwap99: and look at it for a few minutes
[15:59] thwap99: you tell me
[15:59] thwap99: the more i looked at it, the more I hated it
[15:59] thwap99: but it really doesn’t matter as long as what we say is cool and fun
[15:59] andyredrum: super-happy-fun-site
[16:00] andyredrum: hmm
[16:00] thwap99: keep looking at it
[16:00] andyredrum: i cant get away from the positives of having some weird japanese english name
[16:01] thwap99: right
[16:01] andyredrum: which fits well with the pop culture techno craze we are commenting on
[16:01] thwap99: yes
[16:01] andyredrum: i do like the idea of an acronym thougth
[16:01] thwap99: yes
[16:01] andyredrum: cause that is also hand in hand with the techno thing
[16:01] andyredrum: hmmmm.
[16:01] thwap99: maybe we should sleep on it, and decide tomorrow
[16:01] thwap99: think about it
[16:01] andyredrum: how would we approach having both?
[16:01] thwap99: let it seep in
[16:01] andyredrum: would both work?
[16:01] andyredrum: in different contexts?
[16:02] thwap99: give me an example
[16:02] andyredrum: uh your acronym in ads?
[16:02] thwap99: by the way, I am going to copy all of this text and make it a post
[16:02] andyredrum: and the full words in …
[16:02] andyredrum: lol
[16:03] andyredrum: it can be in the About Us or Notes section
[16:03] andyredrum: we need a manifesto?
[16:03] andyredrum: i am confused. you have confused me
[16:03] thwap99: i am sorry
[16:03] thwap99: ninja smoke bomb
[16:03] andyredrum: shsibae?
[16:03] andyredrum:
[16:04] andyredrum: the trouble with that is that’s quirky to try to spell out and remember or type out
[16:04] thwap99: what about ninja smoke
[16:04] andyredrum: i kind of like that
[16:04] andyredrum: one word or dashes?
[16:04] thwap99: hmmm
[16:04] thwap99:
[16:04] andyredrum: hmm. that might be too gamer specific
[16:05] thwap99:
[16:05] andyredrum: super ninja fun site?
[16:05] andyredrum: i really love the idea of having site in the site name
[16:05] andyredrum: plus the .com
[16:05] andyredrum: lol
[16:05] andyredrum:
[16:05] andyredrum: that makes me happy
[16:05] thwap99: howabout
[16:05] andyredrum: you cant really do that
[16:06] andyredrum:
[16:06] andyredrum:
[16:06] andyredrum:
[16:06] andyredrum: lol!
[16:06] andyredrum: why lord!
[16:06] andyredrum: well you know what, we already have the original
[16:06] andyredrum: so work from there
[16:06] andyredrum: it’s not going away, lol
[16:07] thwap99: whats not going away
[16:07] thwap99: my eyes are tired, keeping the larger text
[16:07] andyredrum: super-happy-fun-site
[16:07] thwap99: ok
[16:07] thwap99: thats cool
[16:07] thwap99: done
[16:07] thwap99: and done
[16:07] andyredrum: you know what i mean?
[16:07] thwap99: yes
[16:07] thwap99: yes, I do
[16:08] andyredrum: ROfl
[16:08] thwap99: can we assign a tag to postings?
[16:08] thwap99: like, movies, games, music, tv, random culture?
[16:08] andyredrum: you mean re: categorizing posts?
[16:08] andyredrum: yes yes
[16:08] thwap99: yeah
[16:08] andyredrum: well hold on
[16:08] andyredrum: let me make sure
[16:08] andyredrum: in blogger i am not sure.
[16:08] andyredrum: that is going to be important though
[16:08] thwap99: i think we should copy/paste these conversations once a week
[16:08] andyredrum: so that could rule out blogger if it doesnt do that
[16:08] thwap99: we pick something and ramble on about it
[16:08] thwap99: and then post it, links and all
[16:09] thwap99: i would find that entertaining
[16:09] andyredrum: yes yes
[16:09] thwap99: sigh, how do women know when cool shit is on tv?
[16:09] thwap99: i tried to get out of hanging out tonight, but no, it’s going to last until 11ish
[16:09] andyredrum: i think lost is big with the women folk
[16:09] thwap99: I will miss lost
[16:09] thwap99: and south park
[16:10] andyredrum: lol
[16:10] thwap99: not this woman
[16:10] thwap99: she does not watch tv
[16:10] thwap99: oh well. It will be fun
[16:10] thwap99: if I am going to write about it, I should be able to pause and rewind it
[16:10] thwap99: you know what I am typing?
[16:10] thwap99: you see the writing in the window?
[16:11] andyredrum: wait so are we really not sure on a name still?
[16:11] thwap99: lol
[16:11] andyredrum: maybe you’re just being tired.
[16:11] thwap99: are you stoned?
[16:11] andyredrum: me no
[16:11] thwap99: so it is going to be
[16:11] thwap99: can we add happy?
[16:11] thwap99:
[16:12] thwap99: I think more words will make it funny
[16:12] andyredrum: oh dear, you are done for the day
[16:12] thwap99:
[16:12] andyredrum: we DO have super happy fun site
[16:12] thwap99: oh
[16:12] andyredrum: let’s resume later, lol
[16:12] thwap99: lets keep it at that
[16:12] thwap99: lol
[16:12] andyredrum: LOL!
[16:13] andyredrum: this conv. is a keeper
[16:13] thwap99: do you have transcripts of todays chats?
[16:13] andyredrum: i dont save them. i have the entire thing in one window though
[16:13] andyredrum: i can copy into a doc
[16:13] thwap99: copy and paste that motherfucker
[16:13] thwap99: what about all the stuff from earlier today?
[16:13] andyredrum: we should drink at my house so we dont get caught, lol
[16:13] andyredrum: no i dont have that
[16:14] thwap99: ok, I have it. But meebo makes it weird with the copy and paste
[16:14] thwap99: I have to go line by line almost
[16:14] thwap99: but will do that
[16:14] andyredrum: well i can snag it
[16:15] thwap99: you can?
[16:15] thwap99: how?
[16:16] andyredrum: oh i did it and it didnt keep the text sizes


3 Responses to The Birth of it all. Typos and Spelling Errors included. *JOY*

  1. theredouter says:

    Dirty! Dirty dirty dirty!

  2. Plucky says:


    Your wit tires me. Bring Plucky a sandwhich in which he can feast on.


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